who’s Tom?

where do I start?

Tom, Tomas, Tomáš – it doesn’t really matter. I even get the odd Thomas every now and then. He must be a foreigner they say?

Well… you’re right!

I am originally from the Czech Republic. After years of travelling, I arrived to New Zealand with my backpack & hiking boots, ready to explore the land of the long white cloud… little did I know I would fall in love & never look back. To me New Zealand is the Scarlet Johansson of the world – a real beauty. I have made my way around many places in New Zealand but no matter whether I go somewhere for the first time or the hundredth time, there is still something different to see & appreciate, which is what draws me back.

my photography

cos' what else should I tell you, right?

I have always had an interest in photography, since I was a kid. Both my grandads were photogs and I loved hanging around with them watching (and sometimes allowed to help) in the dark room developing film. Fast forward a decade and I was developing my own pictures – but times have changed and I changed dark room for the Lightroom©. I agree that photography has lost a bit of its charm through the digital age but the evolution of the media allows me to focus more on chasing the light.

I come from an IT background and often get referred to as a geek, but thanks to this I have gained a LOT of knowledge about the gear and development process – the rest is just pure luck to be at the right place at the right time.

I started to take photography more seriously (from snapshots to actually planned shoots) when I got my first DSLR. This will be a quite some time ago now – definitely more than I’d like to admit! Since then I have gone through a lot equipment from all the major photo manufacturers to finally settle on Sony. I will share some thoughts on the bits and bops that I am using in my journal.

My approach to photography is quite holistic – I don’t use any of the modern methods of taking pictures or processing them (like bracketing or HDR). I keep my camera in full manual – exposure, focus and the use of real glass photo filters allows me to spend less time on the computer and more time shooting.

My style has changed a bit over the years but since day one it revolves around high quality panoramic photography. This started due to the relatively small resolution of cameras back then and the inability to print large format pictures with a lot of detail by taking one picture. The cameras have evolved a lot since then and there is no real need for stitching pictures together although I still prefer this approach to get just the right angle.

prints, digital, media

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You can enjoy most of my art work online in my galleries but if you would prefer to have one (or more!) of my pictures hanging in your office, above your sofa or as a replacement for your TV? Then please head over to my shop.

If you don’t find what you’re after please drop me a line and I can sort you out with the sizing and/or method of mounting/framing of your desire.

If you are refurnishing a whole office, hotel or similar space, please get in touch. My Manager (the wifey) will be able to work out a discount for large orders. If you need a whole set of thematic pictures that I may not have in my portfolio – I am more than happy to consider an assignment for an interesting project!

If you need imagery in digital form, some of my pictures are licensed by Getty Images and they make the process of licensing really easy. I am always happy to supply my images for digital projects of any kind.


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